For more than 17 years Dieselor is dealing with wholesale and retail of liquid fuels through deliveries and a chain of petrol stations. The company offers fuels for agriculture, transport, manufacturing and heating. Dieselor owns a modern fleet of trucks, equipped with with the latest control technique. This gives full guarantee for the fuel from the petrol base to the customer. Clients enjoy the advantage of timely and express deliveries throughout the whole country. The GPS systems allow giving information about the time of delivery and the location of the fuel. Dieselor's chain of petrol stations has six objects located in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stambolijski, Varna and Novi pazar.
  • Type of exhibits Diesel pump Dieselor.
  • Represented brands
    • Дизелор
    • първокласно дизелово гориво Топдизел
    • дизелови добавки за гориво Дизелор ОК.